Company Profile

Natalie Plus is one of the fastest-growing Medical disposable suppliers. At Natalie Plus, we effectively leverage our meticulous attention to quality assurance combined with an unprecedented level of Customer Service makes us the premier provider in the industry.

Our core product line serves the diverse needs of our Customers, and, in addition, we have developed a wide range of products designed to maximize customer performance efficiency and safety.

Our products include some of the most trusted and widely distributed medical disposables and disposables in the healthcare industry. Each and every one of Natalie Plus’s products are manufactured in ISO and FDA certified factories in S.E. Asia to the highest standards of the industry. At Natalie Plus, we provide excellent service and excellent quality in order to create long term relationships. Nothing is more gratifying than the knowledge that we’re exceeding their expectations. At Natalie Plus, the Customer comes first.

No matter what segment of the healthcare industry you serve, we have a product with characteristics well suited to your specific tasks and requirements. Physician’s offices, surgery centers, extended care facilities, hospitals, dental offices, medical and scientific laboratories, EMS, Fire Rescue and many others. Each has a unique need, and you’ll find the perfect product solutions for your medical and technical needs in the product section. We have been privileged to serve you, and we thank you for providing us with the continuing Opportunity.

Product Description

Premium Condoms Lubricated Ultra Safe

Conex Condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from premium quality natural rubber latex, each Conex Condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and safety

IV Cannula, Ported and winged

The ported winged cannula provides users with a complete range of options suitable for all patient types for when a port is required. With a full range of needles from 14g – 26g, we provide the most comprehensive range of ported winged cannulas on the market, with only the highest quality material used to ensure the best possible experience for the patients and users alike.

IV set High safety and efficiency

AirStop: an innovative, hydrophilic depth filter membrane ensuring AirStop safety in case of emptied fluid container. Maintains the tubing completely filled with fluid. Works further as a particle filter with a filtration efficiency of 15 µm and even lower. PrimeStop: a protective cap lined with a bacteria-tight hydrophobic membrane placed on the Luer Lock fitting, stops fluid leaking and protects against contamination. PrimeStop automates priming and ends messy dripping.

Pregnancy Test kit

  • Fast and accurate
  • It is over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day of the expected period
  • It has an ergonomic handle, designed to make the Pregnancy Test the easiest home pregnancy test to use
  • Its Color Change Tip helps women to perform the test more easily

Silk Tape

  • Strong backing
  • High initial adhesion
  • Economical and easy-to-use
  • Less residue
  • Good restick
  • Tears easily crosswise and lengthwise
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free

Sterile Water

Sterile water injections are an excellent alternative for the relief of back pain in labor. Though Sterile Water Injections will not provide pain relief from contraction pain, once the back pain is alleviated, you may cope better with labor pain. As the back and pelvic muscles relax following the relief of pain, this may assist with the progress of your labor.

Syringes With and without Needles

  • Excellent needle sharpness
  • Smooth penetration ensuring minimum discomfort
  • Unsurpassed syringe quality and high sterility standard

Quality Control

Our Medical disposables are of the utmost quality. This is a top priority no matter the customer. The product meet the highest standards and we have the quality to meet high levels of demand. We are highly reliable and able to fulfill the demand for large orders on short notice due to our warehouse inventory. We will do our part to ensure your satisfaction.

Our medical disposables go through rigorous testing in production to ensure all variables are carefully considered. Customers will receive the goods material most appropriate for their needs. Natalie Plus has a product that is the right fit for your needs.

Certificates and Awards

Natalie Plus has proven high standards in production, quality accreditation in its many internationally-recognized Certificates as well as being recognized with many distinctive Awards.